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Welcome to the first issue of the Whitney Veigas newsletter!


We are pleased to announce the release of our new website at


What do we do? For more than 25 years, Whitney Veigas has been designing and supplying architectural signage. We are located in the Boston area and work closely with architects and building owners to create interior and exterior sign programs for institutional and corporate facilities.


In this issue of our newsletter, we examine the relationship between architecture and sign design, as well as discuss how our primary services, DesignBuild and SignBid, result in sign programs that are more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.


We plan on sending this newsletter out on a quarterly basis, and hope that you find the information thoughtful and useful.


Community Baothouse and sign

The Relationship Between Signs and Architecture

The 2009 Harleston Parker Medal was awarded to the Parker Community Boathouse designed by Anmahian Winton Architects. In the words of the report: "The boathouse stood out amongst the nominations this year in its ability to embody many of the different notions of beauty that had been advanced. The building is a striking presence on the water. Its rich wood panels and articulated facade draw attention to the structure, yet it remains elegant and simple."


Whitney Veigas made a small contribution to the boathouse by implementing an architectural signage program for the project. The program consisted of several sets of stainless steel lettering, some donor recognition signs, and a small number of Identia Sign System plaque signs to identify functional spaces within the building.


The design of the signage was handled in a collaborative manner by the architect, the owner, and our office. We believe the design character of the signage is instructive: it is restrained, well detailed, and simple. It is also consistent with a design orientation that endorses the idea that signage is a functional background product that should be subordinated to architectural priorities, and which ought to complement architectural features, rather than compete with them.


This point of view does not imply that signage should be overlooked. It only suggests that signage should take its appropriate place within the entire building system and perform its task effectively, and without excessive fanfare.



DesignBuild and SignBid Services

We specialize in design-build projects in which we design, supply, and install interior and exterior sign programs. For projects that must be competitively bid, we offer the SignBid service.


Both services deliver well-designed, clearly-documented, and carefully-fabricated sign programs.




In the design-build approach, we work directly with architects and building owners. There is better accountability as we are responsible for all aspects of the project. In addition this approach promotes a mutually beneficial collaborative environment that adheres to the basic principles of Integrated Project Delivery.


Costs can be reduced and schedules tightened since communications are simplified, redundant documentation is eliminated, and value engineering can be introduced throughout the process.




For projects that must be competitively bid, we can create and deliver bid documentation related to the signage program. SignBid is for projects of any size and complexity, with two primary options.


In option 1, we produce a complete set of sign program documents: written specifications, sign construction drawings, sign message schedule, and sign location plans.


In option 2, we produce the written specifications and sign type drawings only. Responsibility for production of the sign message schedule and location plans is assigned to the sign contractor.


In either case, a more equitable and more accurate set of specifications is delivered for competitive bidding, resulting in better quality signage for your project as well as bids that can be fairly compared.


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