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Experience and Knowledge
Whitney Veigas has more than 25 years experience designing and implementing architectural sign programs. Our emphasis on process and documentation is a reflection of this experience as well as our detailed understanding of the architectural design, building construction, and sign fabrication processes.




Restrained Design Orientation
Our sign design approach is simple, refined, and restrained. It is not dominated by aesthetics, but balances other factors including cost and functionality. We view signage as a "background" product that should be subordinated to other architectural priorities. Signs should not compete with the architecture in which the signs are installed.

Sign Systems
Whitney Veigas will often utilize component-based sign systems to help reduce design time and control project costs. Sign systems are tailored, and can be accented, to meet the design requirements of a given project.


Use of Technology
On every project, we use an industry leading web-based project information tool, Identia Online, that helps us produce high quality documentation, increase project collaboration, and streamline the submittal process.

Personal Contact
While we make extensive use of technology, we also stress personal contact with our clients and customers. Each installation has a single project manager who communicates directly with the customer or his representative. This method tends to reduce errors, increase the overall quality of the project, and increase the level of service.

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