Feature: Winsor School

Our Solution

Our solution for the Winsor School was a coordinated suite of code-required signs, large-scale metal letters on the exterior of the building, donor recognition elements, dimensional school mascot graphics, and photomurals. For base-building signs, we used photopolymer plaques accented with Winsor’s signature red and the school seal in watermark form. For donor recognition elements, we employed a subdued vocabulary of brushed aluminum with polished edges. We used digitally printed, large-format imagery from the school’s archives to highlight signature architectural spaces.


Design Process

Given the high profile of the Winsor School and its new performing arts center, we knew the project would require deep engagement with our design team. We collaborated with key Winsor stakeholders from the outset to create and manage a scope and phasing plan that ensured maximum participation and buy-in from the broader school community.

Over the period of three years, we executed several phases of research, design iterations, mock-ups, and manufacturing to ensure that our solutions worked in harmony with both new and existing structures and programs. Using design visualization, we explored and validated forms, colors, and images that reinforced the recent rebranding of Winsor School communications materials.



We understood that the new Winsor School Center for Performing Arts and Wellness embodied the stakeholders’ 21st-century vision for their renowned institution. At every step of the design and construction processes, therefore, our team sought to express the dynamism of the school’s present and future while remaining loyal to Winsor’s legacy and traditions.

Initially, we focused our efforts on base building signs and donor recognition plaques. We used these two elements to create harmony between old and new and to establish the design sensibility for the entire project. We worked closely with vendors to review multiple samples, and we conducted three rounds of testing to ensure that the final colors were exact. We also created mockups for every donor sign.

For the photo murals, we conducted extensive research in the school’s image archives, selected options, and led several feedback sessions with key stakeholders. For the large-format exterior signage, we tapped our thorough knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques as well as our deep design expertise to deliver a look that is as timeless and leading edge as the Winsor School itself.

To carry the school forward, we created an extensive set of supporting documents that will enable Winsor to fulfill additional signage needs well into the future.


Project Portfolio

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  • Location :
    Boston, MA
  • Architect :
    William Rawn Associates
  • Owner :
    Winsor School
  • Client :
    Winsor School