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We design and specify architectural signage for a broad range of building types for our clients. We specialize in design-build projects in which our responsibility also extends to fabrication and installation of the actual signage products. This approach helps to control overall cost and establishes a single source of responsibility for the successful implementation of a project.

For projects where the implementation will be competitively bid, we offer the SignBid service.

Both services deliver well-designed, clearly-documented, and carefully-fabricated sign programs.



For projects in which the implementation will be competitively bid, we will create and deliver bid documentation related to the signage program. SignBid is for projects of any size and complexity, with options listed below:


Option 1
A complete set of sign program documents is produced by Whitney Veigas. This documentation package includes written specifications, sign construction drawings, sign message schedule, and sign location plans.

Sign specification Construction drawing  
  Sign schedule Location plan  

Option 2
A limited set of sign program documents including written specifications and sign type drawings only is produced by Whitney Veigas. Responsibility for production of the sign message schedule and location plans is assigned to the sign contractor.

Sign specification Construction drawing