The Whitney Veigas Studio

For more than 25 years our firm has designed and implemented architectural sign programs for corporate and institutional clients and the buildings in which we live, work, and learn.




You’ll see the quality of our work when you review our portfolio. What you may not see at first glance are the reasons behind our quality. Design is in our DNA, and it runs deeper than surface aesthetics. Our creativity flows from a passion for materials and the simple elegance of our design sensibility. And our knowledge of manufacturing and respect for project constraints enable us to deliver the right solution for your needs.


We know building code requirements like the backs of our hands, and meeting those minimum requirements is always a given. But we take each project a step further by applying a deep understanding of how people move through their environments. Ultimately, the impression your building or space makes on visitors will be influenced as much by ease of use as by architectural style and environmental comfort. Regardless of budget, we make the user experience satisfying and the client experience effortless.


Whatever your budget, we meet it by owning the process from concept through installation. We take pride in our detailed knowledge of how signs are made, what they can be made of, and how best to install them. We’re also born problem solvers, so when we learn something new, we use it to your advantage. The resulting design efficiencies enable us to control costs in ways that other signage companies cannot.


Our three decades in the trenches have taught us how to bring out the best in materials suppliers, fabricators, and installers. Our deep experience enables us to take full responsibility for every step of your signage project. No problem we encounter or challenge we face will ever become your headache. By standing behind our work, we consistently deliver elegant solutions on time and on budget.

Just ask our clients!

Naz Cooper

Harvard University

Assistant Dean for Campus Design & Planning

“[Whitney Veigas’] work has always been of the highest quality, and they have conducted themselves in an exemplary professional capacity, even for the fast track and extremely complex client demands. Their fees are competitive and the work is completed on budget and on time…I highly recommend them.”

David J. Bates

Massachusetts State College Building Authority

Senior Construction Manager

“Under my project management, MSCBA has worked with Whitney-Veigas on several of our building projects…I can say that I have not had any problems with their service delivery. From start to finish, a thorough and professional job is always delivered.”