The Whitney Veigas Studio

For more than 35 years our firm has designed and implemented architectural sign programs for corporate and institutional clients and the buildings in which we live, work, and learn.



Working directly with architects and building owners, we design, supply, and install signage programs for corporate and institutional clients. With the design-build approach, there is clear accountability as there is a single company responsible for all aspects of the project, as well as a mutually beneficial collaborative environment that adheres to the basic principles of Integrated Project Delivery.

Design-Build has many inherent advantages:

  • Predictability of costs as the total budget for signs is determined upfront
  • A single source of responsibility and true project ownership
  • Value engineering can be integrated throughout the project life cycle
  • Overall project delivery time is reduced
  • Time and costs related to documentation, bid review, and other management tasks are reduced or eliminated


Design Services

Our design process concludes with a complete set of sign program documents:

  • Written 101400 specifications
  • Sign construction drawings
  • Sign message schedule
  • Sign location plans

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