The Case for Design-Build Signage

The Case for Design-Build Signage

The design-build process enables Whitney Veigas to deliver superior signage solutions at a lower total cost, with better product quality, and in significantly less time than is possible through traditional implementation methods.

We design it, we build it, and we install it. Here’s what makes design-build so powerful:

An up-front GMP means every design, fabrication, and installation decision takes into account cost implications. Lower total cost is also achieved though value-engineering during the entire project life cycle, the elimination of hidden project management costs, and improved collaboration among all stakeholders.

Collaboration & Accountability
With design-build, we accept complete responsibility for signage from start to finish. Our approach replaces adversarial interactions and finger-pointing. No problem we encounter or challenge we face becomes your headache.

We compress the project schedule by simplifying management tasks and by eliminating redundant documentation. With design and implementation under one roof, problems are spotted earlier and solutions arrived at quickly.

Give us a call today, and let’s talk about how we can work together to create the best possible signage solution for your project.

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