Why Whitney Veigas. . .




We believe that great design is both achievable and essential to the success of all projects, of all size. Our design expertise goes beyond surface appearance and leads to minimally intrusive, smart, cost-effective solutions. We’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure that our signs complement your vision.



We’ve worked with many different signs in a variety of conditions, so we’re able to identify issues before they become problems. We have a deep understanding and passion for materials, building codes, fabrication techniques, and the latest technologies. This enables us to deliver the right solution for your needs, and ensures that your experience working with us is satisfying and effortless.



Whatever your budget, we meet it by owning the process from concept through delivery. We take pride in our detailed knowledge of how signs are made, what they can be made of, and how best to install them. The result of this knowledge are smarter solutions that meet your budget.



Our deep experience enables us to take full responsibility for every step of your signage project. No problem we encounter or challenge we face will ever become your headache. By standing behind our work, we consistently deliver elegant solutions on time and on budget.

Just ask our clients!

Robert Wear RA, LEED AP, CDT

William Rawn Associates

Senior Associate

“The signage program for Bigelow Chapel needed to be compatible with both the historic and modern aspects of the building and we turned to Whitney Veigas to conceptualize, design, fabricate, and install the signs for this project. They delivered a design package suitable for this historic location and within budget. The design process is then complimented by their excellent performance in guiding the fabrication of, and installation of, the completed signage package. It is always a pleasure to work with a company like Whitney Veigas, who has the required level of excellence in all aspects of their work.

Nazneen Phiroze Cooper

Harvard University

Assistant Dean for Campus Design & Planning

“[Whitney Veigas’] work has always been of the highest quality, and they have conducted themselves in an exemplary professional capacity, even for the fast track and extremely complex client demands. Their fees are competitive and the work is completed on budget and on time…I highly recommend them.”

Julia Schelter

Noble and Greenough School

Assistant Director of Development Operations and Donor Relations

“I have worked with Whitney Veigas for several years in a donor recognition and stewardship capacity.  From the start, they were extremely responsive, innovative and personable. Whitney Veigas’ quality of design work and their ability to come up with creative solutions is top-notch; we will absolutely continue to use them for our design and donor recognition needs.”

Alice Hecht

Hecht/Horton Partners


“Our design firm has worked on a variety of EGD projects with Whitney Veigas for over 10 years. They have contributed to each challenge in a collaborative manner, employing their extensive knowledge of materials, fabrication methods, and sources to execute our design intention in the truest fashion.”