We Are

We are a design studio with the know-how of a manufacturer. We are experts in design beyond surface looks and extending to practical, smart, cost-effective solutions. We work hand in hand with architects and owners to complement their vision. We tend toward minimally intrusive solutions. We utilize the design-build model because it is cost-effective, gives clients a sense of overall project cost up front, and has a single point of responsibility from start to finish.


Whitney Veigas has pioneered the use of the design-build model over the last 20 years to provide outstanding signage program for its clients. WV Design-Build delivers higher quality product, at a lower total cost and in less time, than is possible with a traditional design-bid-build approach. Here are 4 reasons you should work with us:

Collaboration is paramount.

A dialogue between design and fabrication replaces adversarial interactions, focuses on a common purpose, and leads to superior signage solutions for our clients.

All projects are cost sensitive.

Our process gives you an accurate picture of total project cost at the outset. Every design decision we make takes into account its cost implications, and value-engineering is integral to the process.

Time is always short.

Design-build compresses the schedule by simplifying project management and eliminating redundant documentation. With design and implementation under one roof, problems are spotted earlier and solutions arrived at more quickly.

We own the process.

Say goodbye to finger pointing and endless change-orders – we have turnkey responsibility from start to finish. We deliver smart, comprehensive and well-designed sign program on time, and on budget.

Design Services

Although we are advocates of a turnkey approach to signage, we also recognize that some projects must be executed through the traditional design-bid-build process. Whitney Veigas, acting as a consultant to architects and owners, is a well-qualified design team partner. Our services include:

  • Preparation of CSI specifications, sign construction drawings, message schedules and, location plans.
  • Bid review and analysis.
  • Construction Administration services including RFI review and response, submittal review and approval, and on-site punch list inspection.

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